Study within the USA: five reasons why I selected yankee Universities.

Hello guys and welcome to my channel Today I wan to share reasons why i made a decision to use to yankee Universities instead of attending to study in alternative countries. Now these reasons would vary from one person to a different because this can be my video .

I wished to share my 5 reasons. The first reason is being within the centre of the planet. You can say therefore I will compare with learning in FRG When I was in FRG I thought that everything was snug everything was nice and simple scheduled .

I had free weekends once everything was closed I had days after I had to check within the university But at constant time I didn’ have a sense that i’m in the centre of events. I thought like everything else is occurring somewhere else not wherever i’m at once.

When I cosmopolitan to u. s. in I realized this can be wherever the centre of the planet is. Every day we’re mistreatment Facebook, which is headquatered in CA, every day we have a tendency to use Apple which is headquatered in CA. We use google. Which is headquatered in CA.

There’s Massachusetts Institute of Technology. where they develop the most recent thing we’re attending to use in – years And I thought affirmative this is the place wherever the long run is born and for me as a vigorous and innovative person this is very vital to be where things area unit happening and wherever the long run is born The second reason is funding .

Now i do know several of you are dreaming of studyimg in nice Brtain Believe me, i have been there when I was I traveled to the united kingdom for he 1st time And I thought this can be the country wherever i would like to measure in And this can be the country wherever i would like to check Oxford and Cambridge area unit essentially the simplest universities in the world.

Then I started researching my choices in terms of funding because my folks told Pine Tree State we’re ne’er gonna provide you with K in pounds to check within the kingdom So you have got to work out yourself I started researching The only steep-end scholarship was Chevening scholarship It was therefore sophisticated I thought i might ne’er be eligible for it.

I simply left my dream of learning abroad before when I was scrolling through my Facebook feed I saw a story of a woman who got full help to study within the u. s. I was like is it even possible? Studyimg within the USA is additionally terribly high-ticket if we have a tendency to take prime yankee Universities and academic degree the minimum tuition fee would be like $ K a year and that’s simply tuition fees.

Then I started my very own analysis on funding from yankee Universities I realized there area unit many funding choices that you just will opt for assistanship after you work on yankee field, University compensates your tuition fees and housing. There’s scholarship which is that the best after you get cash and continue study. There area unit fellowships and work/study programs .

if you guys need to envision a full video on financial aid in the yankee Universities I’ll leave a link below I created an entire video of however I got full funding to try to to my Master in Business Administration and Master’s within the USA. The third factor regarding learning within the USA which very applies to Pine Tree State you’d have a great deal of distinguished lecturers coming to your University and telling you what is happening within the world. I got my degree in Russia .

What I noticed is that we we have a tendency tore educated economic science by individuals who were born and raised in the country. Soviet Union and fashionable economic science have nothing to try to to with one another I was suprised that people who have not ever traided on money markets actually educated US a way to try this. In America it’s utterly totally different For example, in Stanford you’d have Elon Mask or Peter Thiel .

who area unit the simplest enterpreneurs within the world at once. You’ll have them giving lectures to students United Nations agency study enterpreneurship. You’ll have Tim Ferris in Columbia He wrote a book a way to be productive and how to figure hours per week. I’ll leave a link below because i am reading this book at once and it’s dynamical my life utterly You’ll have these those that even have real life expertise teaching subjects .

It’s very vital for any sphere America is one among the simplest countries in terms of getting nice individuals teaching students. The fourth factor that is vital for everybody how much cash can you get when you graduate If we have a tendency to take prime yankee business colleges, for example the common regular payment would be around $ and this can be very superb.

It differs from one subjest to another and if you are a teacher you won’t be obtaining that a lot of cash. If you are doing something connected with science, business, I think there area unit nice opportunities in America. I have some of friends kind of friends adult friends professors in yankee Universities and they live a cheerful life If you would like to become a prof within the u. s.,

you’d have years of labor and then year of move. I don’t keep in mind the word. If you recognize the word, please write it down. In the comments. They have this freedom amd they need resources to to conduct analysis and phD students working for them. Opportunities when you graduate from yankee Universities are larger than in alternative countries And the final thing but not the smallest amount .

If you are international student like me you’d be inquisitive about staying within the country wherever you bought education. and applyig what you have learned in reality. Now in nice Briatain it’s virtually not possible at once you have to pack your luggage in months when you graduate. In America it’s easier If you graduated from AN yankee University, got AN yankee degree, you’re eligible for choose which is or years. You can keep within the u. s., apply what you have learned.

If you are studyimg STEM, subjects like technical, engeenering, mathematics. You stand up to years. This is nice. There’s be a chance for you to search out AN leader if you would like to remain within the u. s.. If you only need to urge work expertise within the States, which is taken into account all over in the world joined of the simplest then you have got this chance and you do not ought to go back after you end university. These area unit my reasons to check within the USA.

I hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you would like to feature one thing please comment below. I think this may be helpful for individuals who’re deciding wherever they require to check. Don’t forget to subscribe my channel because I post a great deal regarding education abroad, regarding passing exams and regarding being AN migrant within the USA.

If you are inquisitive about those topics, I’ll notice my channel superb. I hope to envision you within the next video. Thank you for observation this one. Bye bye.

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