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International Online Jobs | Outside the USA 2019

International Online Jobs | Outside the USA 2019

International Online Jobs | Outside the USA 2019

hi guys welcome back to gosocialmoney  if you’re new around here my name is Kat Theo,and you guys have not stopped asking me about jobs that you can do around the ,world that are not specific to United States Americans and North Americans like the innate Ian’s and things like that so today.International Online Jobs

we’re finally gonna be doing another video about it it’s been a while because there ,are just so many countries and a lot of these countries I don’t speak the language so it’s hard to just find different jobs that you can do but I think I compiled a list that is good enough for now and also something that ,can help you at least open your mind to the possibilities out there dude check.

out this video if you haven’t seen my other video about international side,hustles that you can do and with no further ado let’s get into the video .my first way that you cannot get a side income outside the US is by flipping
domains or flipping websites so as you know there are millions of different ,websites out there small businesses and big businesses always need a website so

what you can do if you’re creative is you can create your own domain let’s say,your niche is travel and you want to target Generation Z which is the,earliest generation right now so you create a website that’s called travel

Gen Z so you can now have that website and put it on a website like flippa ,there’s many different kinds of websites but a website like and you,can sell that to companies for a lot more than you bought it for so you might.
buy it for $ or something and you can flip that website for and,more money depending on the demand of the niche so make sure you do choose a niche that is something that’s in high demand.

Some things that are high demand is travel real-estate social media kind of ,thing and investing so any kind of money type of website and also cooking websites if you try and you don’t have any luck you can also try
trade my site master free market calm and digital point form.


so that’s gonna be for more of my entrepreneurial mindset that you just ,kind of want a site hustle but if you want a full-time position or part-time ,position working for a company one that I found that does hire outside the US is
parent analytics parent analytics is a tech company that .has developed the world’s only cross-platform country-specific,audience demand measurement system in the television industry to understand

Global demand for TV content and make data-driven decision they span to over,two hundred and forty nine different countries so you have a good chance that,they are hiring in a country that you are in Paris analytics is on a mission,to connect content creators and the consumer so I have seen positions for.them from New Zealand India England Brazil and many others check the link in the description to see the job openings if it’s in your area my third company is on dela on dela was founded in and they are a company of technology leaders.

Dedicated to advancing human potential they do this by seeking out in ,supporting top software developers across Africa and on dela does not only ,create these jobs but they also go into opportunities that are untapped in the markets that are untapped like many different countries in Africa but also helps companies compile a high performing engineering teams for the  future .International Online Jobs.

so I have seen positions for them in Kenya Egypt Nigeria and many others ,my fourth company is HRT so HRT it brings a scientific method to trading ,financial product they have built a very sophisticated website computing ,environments for research and development H star T researchers are at ,the forefront of innovation in the world of the algorithm of trading so if that’s ,something you’re into as far as like trading different things and you’re really good with algorithms or just want to see what positions .

they have  available I have seen positions in India Singapore England and many others as ,well hey guys so number five is IBM so iBM is a leading cloud platform for cognitive solutions this company is huge they have over three hundred thousand.

Employees in over countries and that’s crazy so there’s a pretty good.chance that they are hiring in a country that you are living in it’s a tech .company so that’s something that does something want to get into a tech,industry a tech company then this could be a really great option for you what I really want to show you I want to share this company with you guys is you can.

See that they have over pages and pages and pages of hiring positions,right now they are in so many different countries so I’m going to show you the ,first page here you can see that this first one isn’t even in English that .looks like Portuguese the second one kind of looks like Spanish,

maybe it’s Portuguese that’s definitely Portuguese so you can .see that they have so many different options you have developer you have ,practitioner contractors developers I say that already if I saw some easier,things for entry-level content strategist talent acquisition partner.

finance and administrative delivery I also saw a mold tester there it is so ,you can see how all of these countries except for one here in North Carolina.we’re all outside the US we have Brazil you know some in South America this is .also South America if you go down here there’s just just so many differentcities like this is the Middle East you have Europe you have again South America

So there’s a very high likelihood that you’re gonna find something in your area,but here all the pages if you don’t want to look through all the pages can put in your country and you can see all the countries here I imagine,they wouldn’t put all these countries of don’t have all of them available or you

can search by job title if you’re interested in meeting moving but I ,really want to share IBM with you because they just have so many options,and I’m sure you’re gonna be able to find something on this website so all of these positions might be coming and going depending on the position that’s,available so I do think you should keep looking up and looking at these websites,International Online Jobs,to see if they have something come up in the near future if they don’t have any,rank now and also as the influx of people go apply .

just be wary that to keep looking to see if there are more positions if you are watching this vid and can think of some other companies that hire outside of the u.s. please do  share it with the community we’d really do appreciate it and I will see you in the next video have a good one bye.


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