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How to Protect Your Money In Online Trading.

How to Protect Your Money In Online Trading.

            Protect Your Money In Online Trading.

In this post I’m mohoshin talk about,How you can protect yourself when you’re in a trade,
trading does not have to be as risky,if you follow rules and are disciplined.Online Trading.

What’s up, Tim Sykes, Millionaire Mentor and Trader,Here answering your questions.
Leave comments under below.If you want any questions answered,I’m here to help you,I’ve been doing this for plus years.
I never had a teacher.I’m trying to be the teacher to you that I never had.And a question I often get is,   How do you protect yourself?

You’re trading penny stocks,you’re day trading, you’re short-selling.
I mean this is all like the.iskiest stuff in the world.

Yes, it can be risky.Yes you can lose.Yes, you have to be scared.But, if you recognize all of this ahead of time,
before you risk your hard earned money,you can be safer than other traders.Remember, % of traders lose.

So most people are going around,trying to pick hot stocks,and most of the time they’re just losing,
they’re wrong, they don’t have a plan,they’re not disciplined.

So for me, every single trade I accept the fact,that I could be wrong.I accept the fact that this is not as eas
as anybody claims it might be, okay?The way that I made my money,is by being wrong roughly , % of the time.
But being right , , sometimes even % of the time,in a hot market.

They’re different markets,there’s different winning percentages.But I’m right more than I’m wrong.
And when I’m wrong, I cut my losses quickly.Rule number one, okay, I don’t want to,let a small mistake turn into a potential big disaster.

So you’ll see, if you look through all my trades,click the link just below,I show all of my trades over plus years,
you’ll see that I have a lot of losses,of like bucks, $ , $ , $ .And it sucks, I’m not proud of it,
but the gains are $ , $ , , , .My average gain is like , .I think my average loss is like or .

I control my losses because,I understand the stats, I risky and scary this stuff can be.
I have a saying where I say, I’m trading scared,every single trade, so that I’m not scared to trade.
And I think that’s a very good lesson.Especially for newbies,

when you don’t even know their patterns,you don’t know the lessons.You don’t realize how quickly
these stocks can go up and down,you’re not used to the volatility.

So for me, I want to just overcompensate.Like sometimes I cut my losses too quickly,
sometimes I take a $ loss,and then the stock does perfectly and I coulda made $ , .So be it.

I  am in the stocks specifically for a thesis.And if it does not play out the way I want, I exit.
When in doubt get out.That is my rule,and that’s a motto that I trade and live by.And that protects me, even then,

I still might have a big loss every now and then,I’m not perfect, I’m human.I might break the rules, a stock might get halted.
Some bad news might come out.I can’t be % safe, this is risky stuff.But, with my scared, cowardly kind of mindset,
it protects me the best that I can.And by thinking like this, guess what,it means that I’m not gonna trade as much
as many people might think, because I want to be picky.And even if I’m in a trade,

I’m gonna follow rule number one to a T,or at least I should, and I will cut losses quickly.
That one rule will save so many traders.But too many people, they’re in a trade,and they say, oh, I’ll give it more time,

Online Trading

maybe I’ll double up or triple up.And then sometimes the stock comes back,and they get rewarded for their bad behavior.
I don’t want that.I want to focus on good behavior.I want to lock everything down just in case.I would rather play it overly safe than not at all.I would rather make less money on this one,but stick to my rules.Because the rules are what makes me rich.

You have to understand, no one play matters.If you’re truly gonna get rich from penny stocks,
it’s not gonna be on one or two hot picks.It’s gonna be on a process,thousands, and thousands, and thousands of trades added up over Online Trading.

So what will your process look like?
Will you be gunslinger and you’ll just bet it all and you’ll use leverage, you’ll probably lose it all.
I can’t tell you how many newbies say,”Tim you trade too carefully, you’re too safe.”I’m just gonna bet more, “I’m not gonna cut losses as quickly.”And I say, “Fine, go ahead, do it.”And they come back, six months, nine months, months later, “You were right,”I lost % of my money.””I lost %.””I lost % of my money.”And I don’t want to be right.This isn’t like an I told you so kind of thing.

But, if you don’t believe me, again,you’ll learn the hard way.Usually a more expensive way, and a more confusing way.
So, I’ve learned these rules over the past years,I want you to utilize them.
If you can, you will do better,trading will not be as scary.But you need to have this mindset on every single trade.
Doesn’t matter what stock, what sector,how good your research is,how strong your thesis is.All that matters is that you can recognize that you can be wrong on any one trade.And by that recognition, you are able to exit.

You don’t conjoin to a footing,you don’t say I even have to carry it,your ego does not get entangled, you are not stubborn.You gotta be non-emotional.You have to be like robotic, like terribly disciplined.And that’s what saved ME over the years.So, leave a comment below,let ME grasp what you think that concerning this subject.

But, i am not gonna amendment.I’m associate degree previous somebody at now.Old Jews get a lot of and a lot of stubborn as we have a tendency to grow old.Our noses get larger, our ears droop down.That’s what we have a tendency to do.And these things has worked on behalf of me.Online Trading.I’d rather play it safe than be a gunman.But let ME grasp what you think that,and we’ll see if I even have to correct you.

Hey, Tim Sykes, wealthy person Mentor and monger.
Thank you for reading my post.

I hope that they assist you.I want to share everything that I’ve learned over the years.
You can consider a lot of videos right over there.And additionally click Subscribe in order that you’ll be able to watch
all of those videos, get that information,and become my next wealthy person student.Online Trading.


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