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How Does a Stock market Make Money?

How Does a Stock market Make Money?


    ** Stock market Make Money.

I’ve done a video on however the exchange works.but however specifically will a stock itself work?Stock market Make Money

What makes it go up?What makes it go down?

T   hat’s specifically what we’re gonna tackle in today’s video.Now these area unit a number of my favorite videos.because I will take no credit .for really developing with this idea.Because this is often an ideal example of one thing wherever,I’ve been coaching for for a while,I’ve been within the marketplace for for a while.

so what appears obvious to not obvious to someone that is greenhorn.And as I’ve aforementioned in past videos.Hey if you’ve got any suggestions, if you’ve got a matter.let ME apprehend and that i can fain do a video thereon.So that is what i am gonna do here.Got a matter on YouTube.and I thought that is really a good comment.and one thing wherever currently that I stop and place confidence in it.

Now that I place myself in a very newer trader’s shoes.or just someone unaccustomed the market,yeah, that does not quite be right out of the I needed to elucidate specifically that.So let’s 1st check this YouTube comment.So YacoMyTaco, nice name by the approach says,

“This is also a stupid question.but why would anybody invest in a very share unless they create.some form of dividend on the money they invested?You notify sell their share for a better profit. But why would anyone need,another’s shares within the 1st place?

If there is no dividend then nobody would invest.Essentially you’d simply be giving your cash away.”In the world of the exchange.and within the world of stocks, as we’ll say,there’s very 2 ways in which to create cash.And the 2 ways in which area unit through dividends.which this person is touching on.and then the second is growth,and i am going to justify additional thereon.

Now as so much as dividends.I’ll place a link within the description box below.but I’ve already done a video on what a dividend is,so you’ll be able to go and watch that video

if you are not at home with what a dividend is.But that’s the a method that you just will create cash with stocks.Now this person has already aforementioned,”Well what happens if there’s no dividend?”Then however the euphemism, why will it is sensible to shop for a stock?”How will a stock really cause you to money?”And that’s a really sensible question.And the answer in mercantilism slang and in investment slang.would be you’d have a stock.

And growth means that specifically that.You want one thing to grow.Or available market slang, you wish it to extend in price.So if you’ve got a stock here,and once more you purchase it for let’s simply say $ ,you want this to as time goes by.increase in price.or you need it to grow in price.Okay? therefore what’s planning to really create that grow in value?Well let’s simply take a a really famed company out there.that i feel many of us area unit at home with.And Apple. therefore Apple is thought as a AAPL.

In the world of stocks.that would be referred to as its ticker image.It’s like associate abbreviation.But Apple, let’s explore Apple.And Apple currently will pay a dividend however let’s simply fake.that they did not pay a dividend in any respect.So why within the world,like this person is locution,would anybody ever need to shop for this stock?

I mean it does not pay any form of what is the point?Well the purpose here,is going back to the complete growth argument,that people believe that over time.

Apple stock worth is gonna grow in price.It’s gonna increase in price.So however specifically will this stock operate in this function?What is planning to get this to travel from $ ,up to no matter worth you want?

You can fill within the blank.But what is gonna cause this to grow?Well let’s simply undergo a fast history of Apple.And this is often a broad outline,so do not be like “Well, i am associate Apple scholar”and you really incomprehensible this.”Just cut ME some slack, okay?

I’m simply making an attempt to prove a degree.So Apple wont to simply have computers,so there is the tiny keyboard there.And they would sell computers.And what would this do?Well marketing computers would bring cash into the corporate.So hey, good. That brought cash into the corporate.Now once money’s returning into the corporate
they’re gonna be creating revenue.They’re gonna be creating profits.And the additional profits an organization makes, that is sensible.

That means that they are additional valuable.And the additional valuable one thing becomes.because they are creating heaps of sales.there’s gonna be folks locution,”You apprehend what? i feel that stock is gonna go up.”So they are gonna get stock.And once they are shopping for stock it’s.It’s gonna begin to grow in price.

So perhaps it started at $ .So as a result of they are marketing computers,it’s gonna facilitate push the worth to right around here.So perhaps at that time.let’s simply say it’s $ at that time.So there we tend to go, they did not have to pay a dividend.but as a result of they came out with the very cool computers.because that they had a product that individuals needed.people bought that product.

Because folks were shopping for that product.that was putt cash into Apple’s checking account.And people were speech communication, “Wow Apple’s obtaining heaps of cash.”because they need an excellent product.”I wanna get a number of their stock.”And once folks square measure shopping for a stock.that means the costs square measure reaching to be heading up.But growth, however is it gonna keep growing?Because at some extent everybody’s gonna have.

These nice computer’s, it’s gonna be fantastic.And then what did Apple do over the history of time?Well, that they had these very little things,and they had very little buttons down here.The iPod. WHO remembers the iPod?

They came out with those.So currently what do they have?Well they don’t seem to be solely growing as an organization as a result of,instead of one product they need 2 merchandise.And counting on however previous you’re,the iPod issue was an enormous boom.

So once more,that diode to more cash into Apple as an organization.Now Apple encompasses a stock as a result of Apple has more cash,their stock, “Wow, these iPods square measure amazing.”Yeah, yeah. The computers were cool
and they still square measure cool however the iPod, awesome.Everybody’s shopping for.”Well geez, i believe Apple’s,

“I wanna get a number of that Apple stock.”So folks still get that Apple stock.It was at $ , therefore attributable to the iPod,let’s simply say it’s gone up to here.Maybe this can be currently price $ .Okay, well computers square measure out there, iPhones,or iPods square measure out there.

I simply let the cat out of the bag.So what was consequent huge issue that Apple did?”Well you recognize, these phones.”I suppose we tend to might get into the phone business.”

Well, the iPhone.I don’t even knowledge to draw.There we tend to go, we tend to got the screen.and we got the numbers down there.I understand that appears like AN iPod however,this is the iPhone, okay?Point being they came out with the iPhone.

Now what do they have?They have 3 merchandise out there.And unless you reside below a rock.I would assume that you just grasp the iPhone was pretty standard.So once more, folks square measure shopping for, buying, buying.
Apple as an organization is obtaining a lot of and more cash.into their bank account.

They’re simply raking altogether types of cash.People notice this.People square measure speech communication,
“Wow, examine all this cash that Apple’s creating.”And they keep creating nice merchandise.”You grasp what, i believe at some purpose they are gonna set out.”with even a lot of nice merchandise.”What they’re, folks will speculate.but the purpose being here is folks,there’s millions of things occurring.that I wanna get Apple stock.

So what is gonna happen?Well, we’re simply continuation history once more.People square measure gonna get Apple stock.And at this time it pushes it up to.let’s simply say that is $ up there.And this method goes on and on and on.A growth company would be one that’s just, they are creating cash for his or her growing, by innovating, by initiating with new concepts.

Now eventually, Apple can reach some extent,and most corporations reach some extent,where they need most cash they are like,”I do not know what to try and do with all this cash.”Let’s simply pay a dividend.”

So at this time in least because it stands at the recording of this video,Apple will still pay a dividend.And some folks would argue.that Apple’s not extremely a stock any longer.But we’re not gonna get into that.The point being and to answer this person’s question,how will a stock build folks money?

If there’s no dividend.Well stock will increase in worth.What will increase in value?Well a company’s simply gotta be a decent company.Companies that do not introduce.that don’t have smart merchandise,nobody’s gonna obtain their stuff.Their company’s gonna begin losing cash.

and their stock’s gonna go down in worth.because well, they are not,nobody needs to shop for their merchandise,buy their services, no matter it’s going to be.But that’s however you are gonna grow.And why would anybody need to sell?

Well bear in mind, at some purpose in time,somebody’s gonna say, “You grasp what,”Apple’s nice however i feel it’s done.”And i feel it’s done,” let’s simply say, “at $ .”And the massive issue that you just got to the stock exchange is for each group action

somebody is true and someone is wrong.

The person mercantilism here,so in our example the person mercantilism.they were wrong.Because they oversubscribed, because,”Eh. i do not assume it’s gonna go on top of $ .”I mean, if they thought that, they would not be mercantilism.And this person, the vendor was wrong.But during this state of affairs the person who bought.was really right.And that’s only one very little group action within the market.But that is however the stock exchange works.That’s however stocks work,is well if the stock keeps mounting and up why would you sell?

Well, individuals might imagine that it isn’t gonna go up from now on,and in this lies the good mystery of the stock exchange.When does one sell a stock?When does one buy?Is it safe to buy?Should you sell or must you hold?These area unit all the queries

that build the stock exchange thus difficult.Because no one is aware of once specifically it’s gonna stop mounting,or once it’s gonna stop taking place.And that’s why, Pine Tree State in person,that’s an excellent challenge, that is what makes things thus fun.Because it’s all a giant puzzle,and you have got to try and do your best,to decipher the items of the puzzle.

So hopefully that answers your question about however a stock works, however a stock will cause you to cash. Especially if it isn’t paying you a dividend.because I’ve already lined that.Is well that is wherever if it isn’t a dividend, I ought to note that,that would be known as associate financial gain stock.Then you’d wanna rely on a stock.One that’s growing, and by growing as an organization. It’s gonna cause individuals to need to shop for

And the worth can simply keep it up rising and rising as long because the company as an entire can keep it up innovating and growing those revenues.So once more any form of queries or alternative this person bestowed would be nice.And i will do my best to do and build videos on them.I might simply answer the YouTube comments section regardless.But hopefully you found this video useful.Definitely click it, or like it and maybe share it if you’re thinking that.other people may benefit from it.

And look at the remainder of our post too. And hopefully you ultimately commit to follow it.


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