How To Apply To Study In The USA (Eng Sub)

Hi everyone and welcome to my Post.That i will be able to tell you the way to review within the u. s.How to do the appliance and also the VISA.And come to the North American nation and Study.

I will tell you concerning the steps and provides you all the data that i do know to assist you.So that you’ll return and study within the North American nation,You should have a highschool certificate and wish to continue your studies,And have aspirations to urge a degree.

The hand factor you’ve got to settle on is what you’d prefer to study.What is the factor you’d like to study and acquire to understand additional about?There square measure heaps of majors that you simply will select among.

You can become a Doctor, a Chef, associate degree Engineer, a faculty member, an Actor There’s everything.So you’ve got to sit down and think; what do i would like to become?And when you select what you wish to review, there square measure several Universities and faculties to selected from within the North American nation.

So you’ve got to settle on wherever you wish to study? The North American nation has many various States, thus you’ll select the geographic area or the geographical region,There is l. a. , metropolis, New York, Washington, Everglade State and lots of different places.

So you select wherever you wish to measure and why you wish to measure there,I selected to remain in CA as a result of I had my brothers learning in state capital.

So that is why I selected to review in state capital, as a result of my brothers were there And CA has an incredible weather,That’s the reason at that point I selected to return to CA And later to metropolis as a result of that they had the degree that I wished to review.

And later, I fell infatuated with town .So, what’s it that pulls you thereto specific city? And as associate degree recommendation, do not visit the North American nation simply to mention that you simply square measure there.

Go there as a result of you’ve got goals to try to to one thing for yourself,To succeed for yourself and to review for yourself ,Don’t go there even as to what individuals would consider you. That in itself is failure.

Now you’ve got chosen your major and wherever you’d prefer to study ,And the next step are to settle on a school or University.I advise you to settle on a school. There square measure 2 belongings you will select from within the North American nation,In College, you study for 2 years and so take your courses and transfer them to a University

The categories that you simply soak up the school square measure taken to a University ,The only distinction is that the school is way cheaper than University,And degrees square measure solely given in Universities,. However, an equivalent categories square measure accessible at the school Only that they’re cheaper.

I studied 2 years at a junior college and so transferred to a university Were I studied another 2 and a [*fr1] years and got my Degree. So if you wish it to be cheaper, initial select a biennial school .So log on and browse concerning international students ,Read what the wants for international students square measure.

What do they need to admit you to the program at the school ,And give you one thing known as I- . i am going to tell you additional concerning it.It is terribly simple to cantact the school or University
You get their e-mail address and you write to them. you’ll write as an example ,Hi my name is Ons and that i would love to review engineering .And would love to try to to years of junior college and that i am a global student from Sweden”

And raise them what you would like to try to to to urge admitted to the school and to urge the I-
The I- is employed after you apply for your VISA and to enter the u. s. It’s proof that you simply square measure a student within the North American nation and it’s one thing known as Sevis

They will answer you concerning doing a web application were you get a student ID That you can use to accesS the school web site and register for yourself When you do the net application for the school you may have to be compelled to pay associate degree quantity of cash

It can be $ or $ or $ , it depends that school or University you’re applying for.Every University or school encompasses a totally different fee, thus keep that in mind .And usually they’ll raise you for a highschool certificate .They will wish you to translate it into English .Copy of the Passport Another vital factor is that you simply will show that you simply have enough cash to review there.

So they can raise you for a statement that shows that you simply have the quantity of cash required to review there.For College in CA you may have to be compelled to show that you simply have around TND
And confine mind that the North American nation greenback is 3 times the Tunisian monetary unit at the instant .So quite it wont to be few years agone.

For them, the foremost necessary factor is that you simply have the cash and might pay them.They want to urge paid ,Tuition is what quantity you would like to buy your studies ,You need to possess enough for tuition, expenses for living like rent, food, books

Also insurance

These square measure all things they need to understand that you simply will pay for,They might raise you for different things, it depends on the school.There square measure faculties that provoke TOEFL take a look at, thus you would like to require it and send them the results,There square measure several things they’ll provoke, thus check that that you simply send them everything.And that you’ve got constant communication with the school.

Another factor you would like to shop for is named Sevi.When I accustomed be a student it had been $ , and currently they modified it to $ ,The sevis is sort of a variety for your I- , it’s sort of a identity variety. They establish you with it,They understand World Health Organization ar|you’re} and every one the knowledge regarding you once you are a student.

They print it out on the I- at the side of what you’ll be finding out, the University, Sevis variety
.Also what percentage years the degree is and that they sign it and send it to you,When they send it to you, you would like the first as a result of you would like it to induce the VISA.

So be terribly careful, as a result of if you reside in Tunisia there’s an opportunity you may loose the I- It has happened that I lost mail before,So ensure that you just use DHL, as a result of they’re quick and that they deliver it to your home.

And ensure that you just truly latch on, and you’ll be able to even track it You know wherever your package is and once you can latch on Once you receive the I- , sign it and that i typically build copies too simply just in case.

I have learned to be terribly organized ,Now you visit the North American nation Embassy web site and do the appliance for Non-Immigrant Visa ,Because you’re a student, and this Visa is termed F- Visa
Choose the F- Visa and do the appliance, known as the DS-

They will provoke your name, what you will study and far additional ,And when you end the appliance, there’s AN application variety.You will use it to pay cash at the post workplace to create a meeting at the North American nation Embassy.

So that you’ll be able to get your Visa,When I did my Visa years agone, it was TND. i am positive it’s additional currently.After you get the receipt from the payment, you go browsing and build a meeting at the North American nation Embassy.

Don’t forget to require with you of these papers to the Embassy .There square measure several papers you would like to require with you to the appointment .One of that is that the I- , the Sevis fee receipt.Copy of your passport and your passport.

Pictures for the Visa, and ensure they need the North American nation Embassy necessities.Banks statements, acceptance letter from the University stating you’re accepted and can be finding out there

And if there’s different things, ensure you check on the positioning. i would not have mentioned everything.Also the receipt of your payment at the post workplace.

I recommendation to you to induce a folder and place all the papers or receipts you get.Because any paper you have got may well be vital, therefore save all, even the receipts ,It is conjointly vital that you just have AN address within the North American nation wherever you be going initially

Even if it a building, you would like to inform them were you’ll be staying once you get there,If you recognize somebody and can be staying with them, get their address,Or raise if the University has on-campus housing. raise and that they wil provide you with the knowledge required,When you get to the North American nation Embassy, you’ll ought to show them your ID.

And you’ll undergo security as if you’re within the airfield,They will show you what to try to to, it’s totally simple. Then you visit an area till they decision your variety.They will interview you, they’re going to raise what is your name? Wha square measure you studying?

Why square measure you progressing to America? square measure you progressing to work there? It’s important that you just show them that you just square measure progressing to the North American nation to review

Not that you just square measure goint there to try to to different things.Tell them what you’ll be doing, wherever you’ll study and simply your purpose for going there

You have to answer all their queries.Only answer what they raise, do not keep talking regarding things they do not raise.Usually you’ll get your Visa subsequently.

They just need to create certain you’re really going there to review, have enough cash and a program to attend.Not to work or do alternative things that you simply should not be doing below associate F- Visa.And hopefully your Visa is accepted and tell you to return back in 2 days to choose up the passport.

And they provide you with a receipt that you simply would like after you acquire the passport. And you permit the passport,And after you come in 2 days they’ll provide you with the passport with the Visa in it,And when you get the Visa, you come back terribly happy D!

I’m getting to America!

It’s a nice feeling. get your flight price ticket.Don’t forget your I- and to shop for insurance,You ne’er apprehend what will happen. And it’s needed by your faculty after you ar a student,If they deny your Visa, that I even have seen happen to others.It hasn’t happened to Maine ,And the reason forgetting denied was that their bank statements weren’t clear

Or you say that you simply ar getting to learn English and it is a short time so that they need a degree, it helps,My friend was refused the manus time as a result of she was getting to study English
,So she did the TOEFL, got into a school for a degree and reapplied for the Visa,So she got the Visa

If you get denied, modification what they require you to vary and reapply,Show that you simply ar getting to study, reach your goals and do one thing smar,How To Apply to review within the USA (Eng Sub)

When you get to the u. s., and getting to undergo customs,They will interview you, and that they copulate to all or any guests,You show them you Passport, Visa and I-

They will raise wherever you’re staying and what you’ll be doing,They will take an image of your face and find your finger prints,And then you enter the u. s. of America!

I hope my video was helpful and you’ll subtract one thing from it.I would like you all the luck. choose your dream!Don’t forget to love, subscribe and comment. And thanks guys for raeding! )

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